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Welcome to the LodgeIt pastebin. In order to use the notification feature a 31 day cookie with an unique ID was created for you. The lodgeit database does not store any information about you, it's just used for an advanced pastebin experience :-). Read more on the about lodgeit page. Have fun :-)

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Scripts and Editor Integration

For some popular editors lodgeit integration scripts/plugins exist. Additionally there is also a small script that allows pasting from the command line.

Command Line Script

The usage is pretty simple, to paste a file use the following command /path/to/file

This will use various guessing methods to get the correct language of the file. If all guessing fails it falls back to a normal text paste. You can also provide the language yourself. -l LANGUAGE /path/to/file

For a list of supported languages use the following command: --languages

If no file is given it will read from the standard input stream.

If multiple files are given, they will be put into one paste using the "multi-file" formatter.


Vim Support

If Vim is your editor you can paste and download pastes directly from within Vim.

All you have to do to paste the current range or whole buffer to lodgeit is executing :Lodgeit. If you want you can map this command to a mapping like ctrl+p by adding this to your vimrc:

map ^P :Lodgeit<CR>

(^P is entered using ctrl + v, ctrl + in vim)

If you want to reply to a paste from within Vim you can call :Lodgeit PASTE_URL or :Lodgeit #PASTE_ID and load the paste into a new tab. After modifing it you can push the new version to the server using :Lodgeit.

Download: lodgeit.vim

Emacs Support

You need a working installation of Pymacs. For Linux users, many distributions already include a package; otherwise, refer to the Pymacs documentation for help. If Pymacs is working, you just need to put into a directory where Pymacs can find it (see the variable pymacs-load-path), and add the line (pymacs-load "paste") to your .emacs file. If you want a Pastebin menu in your menu bar, you also need to add the line (paste-menu).

Detailed usage instructions are located at on the project page.