About LodgeIt

Why the hell another pastebin?

Good question. Basically the world doesn't need another pastebin. There is pastie and dpaste.com which both use kick-ass highlighting libraries for highlighting the code and both have an intuitive user interface. Nevertheless there are some features which are unique to LodgeIt.


  • clean user interface
  • different color schemes for the sourcecode
  • reply to pastes
  • diffs of two pastes
  • support for many python template languages
  • support for many scripting languages like Python and Ruby, even with weird syntax (ruby *cough*)
  • XMLRPC support
  • command-line and editor integration
  • persistent pastes
  • reply notification
  • valid HTML 4.0

Request More Languages

A language is missing in the list? File a ticket in the Pygments trac and we add that as soon as possible.

Software Used


This paste was founded by Armin Ronacher from the Pocoo team and is now maintained by Christopher Grebs. Pygments is a Pocoo project led by Georg Brandl.


LodgeIt does not use user accounts because it's logging in for using a pastebin is useless. However this pastebin creates unique user ids for you and for 31 days. Whenever you return to the pastebin it will notify you about replies to your pastes. If you don't want to have that feature you can let Lodgeit forget about you by removing the cookie. Please note that on the next request you will get a new id.